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Hope for Kenya Project

Kissi Orphange Sponsorship Opportunity

Hope for Kenya Project

Kissi Orphanage
Meet the Kissi Children

At Cornerstone part of our mission is to conduct, under the guidance of the Holy Scriptures, the work of evangelizing both the home and foreign field, in obedience to the command of the Lord Jesus. With this in mind we are partnering with Pastors and Missionaries in Kenya to provide monthly support for the orphanage in Kissi, Kenya.

For $50 per month you can sponsor a child. What that means is you are helping to provide a safe home, daily food, and christian instruction. We are determined to impact the lives of these children now and for eternity.

Please complete the form below to become a sponsor. Once you've sent in the form you will be sent an email with the name and picture of the child you are sponsoring. There will be oppotunities to connect with this child in various ways in the future.

Now is the time to let your light shine for the children in Kissi, Kenya.

Ready to set up your monthly gift?

Below is an example of how to set up the recurring gift by clicking the button above. Please be sure to select "Kenya Mission" as the designated fun.